• New Rapid
      • New ŠKODA Rapid
        New ŠKODA Rapid
        • 6.5 Colour Touchscreen Drive Infotainment System

        • Quartz-cut Projector Headlights with Jewel-shadow LED Day Running lights

        • Dual-tone Ebony-Sand interiors
  • Yeti
      • Yeti
        • ​Off-road Assistant with Hill Descent Control​
        • ​​Corner function with front fog lights
        • ​​VarioFlex – variable rear seat system​
  • Octavia
      • Octavia
        • ​​Bi-Xenon AFS (Adaptive Frontlight System) with corner lamps
        • Panoramic Electric Sunroof with bounce-back system
        • 1.8 TSI, 180 PS engine, 7 speed DSG
  • New Superb
      • New ŠKODA Superb
        New ŠKODA Superb
        • Perfect blend of luxury & space
        • Loaded with cutting edge technology & Simply Clever features
        • The new Superb has all you need and much more


This concept, close to the production state, introduces the shape of the next model line, which will symbolize the beginning of the model offensive of the Czech automaker. Compact, five door vehicle will be brought to the markets in Europe, Russia and China. In keeping with the internationalisation principles, this compact liftback will receive specific modifications for each of these markets, while Indian market will receive its own variant in the form of compact sedan.
"We took this study as very purist, dividing the surfaces simply, but effectively", says Jozef Kabaň, ŠKODA chief designer, about the concept's philosophy. This way, the car received strong and sporting expression. "We want to express straightforwardness and youthful character. The life often gets so complicated, that many people look for escape in the precision, quality materials and minimalism. The MissionL concept study offers it all", continues Jozef Kabaň.

Particularly typical for MissionL are sharp lines, precisely executed details and finely balanced proportions. Robust, elegant appearance is amplified by accentuated wheelarches with 18" light alloy wheels. The fascia is dominated by typical ŠKODA design elements - winged arrow logo, which is now mounted prominently on the hood's front edge, and radiator grille with vertical slats and chrome frame.


In the dark, the headlamps and foglamps, formed in the cloverleaf resembling shape, are the most eye-catching feature of the front end. Sharp lines in the crystallic structure of the turn signals and daytime running lights pay homage to the craftsmanship of the Czech glass-cutters. This motive is further repeated on other places of the body and interior, for example in front of the taillamps, where three lines in of the body panels meet in the elaborately executed triangle, resembling cut glass. Delicate, crystallic cut is also visible on the taillamps, which are lined with the typical C-shaped light.


Sophisticated elegance irradiates also from interior, overarched by panoramic roof with high level of tint. Generous horizontal structuring and youthful spirit of the two-tone design are the eye catchers, but at the same time, the interior can boast with the elaborate ergonomics and great functionality. Illuminated textile upholstery in the door panels is inlaid with little structures resembling Bohemian glass and make another homage to the Czech glass-cutting tradition.