ŠKODA Superb - Technical Specifications

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ŠKODA Superb - Technical Specifications


Front axle

McPherson suspension with lower triangular links and torsion stabiliser

Rear axle

multi-element axle, with one longitudinal and transverse links, with torsion stabiliser

Braking system

hydraulic dual-diagonal circuit braking system vacuum assisted with Dual Rate system

Brake – front

disc brakes with inner cooling, with single/piston floating caliper

Brake – rear

disc brakes

Steering system

direct rack and pinion steering with electro mechanic power steering


6.5Jx17" (Style), 7J×17" (L&K)


215/55 R17

Outside dimensions

Length [mm]

TSI 4861

TSI (A) 4861

TDI (A) 4861


Width [mm]

TSI 1864

TSI (A) 1864

TDI (A) 1864


Height [mm]

TSI 1483

TSI (A) 1483

TDI (A) 1483


Wheel base [mm]

TSI 2841

TSI (A) 2841

TDI (A) 2841


Ground clearance [mm]

TSI 164

TSI (A) 164

TDI (A) 149

Inside dimensions

Storage capacity [l]

TSI 625
TSI (A) 625
TDI (A) 625


Storage capacity with rear seatback folded down [l]

TSI 1760
TSI (A) 1760
TDI (A) 1760



Kerb weight [kg]

TSI 1494
TSI (A) 1540
TDI (A) 1565


Gross weight [kg]

TSI 2010
TSI (A) 2030
TDI (A) 2060



Tank capacity [l]

TSI 66
TSI (A) 66
TDI (A) 66



Turning circle diameter [m]

TSI 11.1
TSI (A) 11.1
TDI (A) 11.1