• New Rapid
      • New ŠKODA Rapid
        New ŠKODA Rapid
        • 6.5 Colour Touchscreen Drive Infotainment System

        • Quartz-cut Projector Headlights with Jewel-shadow LED Day Running lights

        • Dual-tone Ebony-Sand interiors
  • Yeti
      • Yeti
        • ​Off-road Assistant with Hill Descent Control​
        • ​​Corner function with front fog lights
        • ​​VarioFlex – variable rear seat system​
  • Octavia
      • Octavia
        • ​​Bi-Xenon AFS (Adaptive Frontlight System) with corner lamps
        • Panoramic Electric Sunroof with bounce-back system
        • 1.8 TSI, 180 PS engine, 7 speed DSG
  • New Superb
      • New ŠKODA Superb
        New ŠKODA Superb
        • Perfect blend of luxury & space
        • Loaded with cutting edge technology & Simply Clever features
        • The new Superb has all you need and much more
​​6 reasons why SKODA Yeti
Designed to stand out in the city, and stand up to the wilderness. Know more

The design of the new SKODA Yeti draws its inspiration from the new SKODA design language. Clear and sharp lines etched into its muscular yet compact body gives it a sleeker more refined silhouette. The precise crystalline design philosophy translates into a futuristic fascia, and a neater fifth door with the distinct SKODA ‘fold’. Add to that the sharply drawn headlamps, with LED daylight running lamps, and you have got an SUV that’s at home in the hippest part of town and the darkest part of the jungle. The new silver roof rail, outer mirror and side mouldings amplify the simplicity of the new design philosophy.

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Keeps you cosy even in the harshest environments. Yes, even in traffic. Know more

With the Yeti you don’t just get incredible performance; you also enjoy the comforts of a brilliantly crafted cabin. From the soft leather upholstery to the multimedia system, the insides of this beast have been designed with an expertise that ensures your safety whatever the outside conditions may be. The dual tone interiors with Boreal wood décor and premium leather seat upholstery make the Yeti’s cabin a sublime combination of comfort and elegance. Add to this a splash of chrome and you have a luxurious cabin, unlike any. The new Yeti also comes with a brand new multi-functional three-spoke steering wheel, wrapped beautifully in leather. Just one of the many thoughtful touches that make your drives in the SKODA Yeti even more memorable.

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Built to keep you safe on the road to the mall, and on the road to the waterfall. Know more
Safety ​​​​

Tarmac or no tarmac, in the new ŠKODA Yeti you will always be safe and on top of the situation - whether it involves an elephant lumbering across your path, or a child running across the road.

For added protection, the SKODA Yeti comes with six airbags. In addition to the front airbags, it includes curtain airbags at both the front and the rear, and side airbags at the front. Complete protection is a Yeti away.

Driving downhill was never easier thanks to the Yeti’s Hill Descent Control. With this feature, a constant speed is maintained when driving downhill by means of automatic wheel braking. Thus, you can focus only on steering the vehicle down the slope, making the task much easier.

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For those trips to the office, and sometimes way beyond office. Know more
Storage ​​​​

The new SKODA Yeti is full of clever and innovative storage areas and designs. Whether it’s putting away your knick knacks, or stowing away a bottle of water, the new Yeti steps up with solutions not many cars offer.

The unique Varioflex seat system in the SKODA Yeti offers space beyond your expectations allowing you to truly adapt it to your different storage needs. It can be configured as a classic five-seater, a particularly spacious four-seater, a practical three-seater, or even a two-seater to maximise cargo space.

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When the going gets tough, you can trust the Yeti to get going. Know more
Engine and Transmission
Engine and Transmission

The new SKODA Yeti is powered by a 2.0 TDI CR diesel engine. It perfectly combines power and refinement giving you high fuel economy, lower emissions and higher torque.

The manual transmission guarantees precise gear shifting and easy short distance gear stick movement, ensuring a smooth and fatigue-free drive.

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It’s the clever little touches that make ŠKODA cars exceptional. We are sure it will be hard for you not to flaunt your car. Know more
Simply Clever
Simply Clever

The ‘Simply Clever’ philosophy is at the heart of all SKODA engineering, and the ŠKODA Yeti epitomises this philosophy to the fullest. Right from the unique VarioFlex seat system to the cleverly integrated storage spaces, the Yeti will never cease to amaze you. Some of the ‘Simply Clever’ features that you will find in the new ŠKODA Yeti are:

  • Corner function front fog lights
  • VarioFlex seat system that allows you to recline the rear seats, fold them forward or remove one, two or all three of them altogether
  • Hill-Hold Control (HHC)
  • Luggage restraint system with nets
  • Gear change recommendation
  • Storage drawer under the front passenger seat
  • Off-road Assistant with Hill Descent Control
  • Light Assistant - coming home and leaving home lights
  • Cruise Control
  • Power socket in luggage compartment
  • Automatic front wipers with rain sensors
  • Jumbo box storage under the front centre console




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