Social Responsibility

ŠKODA Auto India produces and offers high quality and environment friendly vehicles. The specifications of which not only meet but exceeds customer expectations. Operating according to the parent company strategy, ŠKODA Auto India aims at complying with requirements and continuously improves the quality and environment management system.

As we are an organization which is obsessed with quality, we expect quality in all spheres of life especially in health and education. The step taken to improve education in the region, we have donated ŠKODA brand cars & engines to the Industrial Training Institutes for the learning and training of the students to enable them to acquire latest technology in automobile and then create a talent pool not only for SAIPL but for other automobile manufactures. This is an initiative which is serving the society at large by helping them to learn practically on the latest car technology and SAIPL is getting trained manpower from the region.

We are also an organization which is very health conscious and want our employees as well as the society to always be healthy. As an initiative we organize various health awareness camps for ŠKODA employees and for common people in nearby vicinity and the society at large.