ŠKODA AUTO India strengthens presence in Madhya Pradesh

6. srpna 2021

ŠKODA AUTO India inaugurates a new state of the art 3S Dealership facility in Bhopal: Jagdish Motocorp Pvt. Ltd., which boasts 1,533 sq. mt. area consisting of a modern showroom and workshop facility

ŠKODA inaugurates a new 3S Dealership Facility in Bhopal, partners with Jagdish Motocorp Pvt. Ltd.

› ŠKODA AUTO India inaugurates a new state of the art 3S Dealership facility in Bhopal: Jagdish Motocorp Pvt. Ltd., which boasts 1,533 sq. mt. area consisting of a modern showroom and workshop facility

› ŠKODA AUTO now has 6 touch points in Madhya Pradesh and aims to enhance the overall customer experience in the region

› Under the ‘INDIA 2.0’ project, SKODA AUTO India will reach more than 170 customer touchpoints including sales and after-sales facilities this month across 100+ cities; will cross 225 touchpoints by next year

Bhopal, 6th August 2021: ŠKODA AUTO India inaugurated a new state of the art dealership in Bhopal - Jagdish Motocorp Pvt. Ltd., at Hoshangabad Road. With the new 3S facility, ŠKODA AUTO India aims to strengthen its presence in Madhya Pradesh, establishing a strong foothold in the Central India region. The Dealership facility sports the new Global Corporate Identity and Design. The Czech auto manufacturer, under the purview of the ‘INDIA 2.0’ project, plans to expand its presence to 225 touchpoints by next year.

Jagdish Motocorp Pvt. Ltd. is strategically located at Hoshangabad Road and can be conveniently accessed by customers across the region. This new 3S dealership will be a one-stop facility that will cater to all sales, service, and spare part requirements of the customers. The facility is spread across 1,533 square meters with a 5 car display along with 12 service bay workshop that can service 2,400 plus vehicles per annum.

Commenting on the inauguration of the new facility, Mr. Zac Hollis, Brand Director, ŠKODA AUTO India said, “The launch of KUSHAQ stands testament to a new era for ŠKODA AUTO in India. On the back of this world-class SUV, we have a clear vision of taking the ŠKODA brand to new and emerging markets across the country. Enhancing the ownership experience is vital to our growth strategy and increasing our network presence is one of the key pillars to meet this objective. The inauguration of the new 3S Facility in Bhopal is part of this plan and we are delighted to partner with Jagdish Motocorp Pvt. Ltd., as we look forward to building our foothold in this region.”

Mr. Dheeraj Ramchandani, Dealer Principal, Jagdish Motocorp Pvt. Ltd., said, “It is a matter of great prestige to partner with ŠKODA AUTO India and introduce a new 3S facility in Bhopal. The modern architecture and streamlined business processes provide the ideal backdrop for the presentation of ŠKODA AUTO products. The global best practices of ŠKODA AUTO coupled with our understanding of local customer preferences will enable us to provide an enhanced customer experience.”


In line with the ‘INDIA 2.0’ project, the corporate architecture, functional interiors, and rationalized business processes aim to enhance the overall customer experience. The new architectural concept of the dealership design reflects ŠKODA AUTO’s philosophy expressed in the slogan: “Simply Clever with a Human Touch.” The new architecture of the dealership facility is characterized by clear and simple shapes, a harmonious colour concept, modular design features, and a modern lighting concept. The new exteriors of the ŠKODA AUTO dealerships will be the brand’s powerful statement during both day and night - clear, transparent, modern, and open.

In addition to sustaining ŠKODA AUTO’s proven strengths, the company is placing an increasing emphasis on enhancing the emotional appeal of the brand. It is conveyed by the sophisticated and logical arrangement of all the key elements, business areas, customer zones, and the use of cutting-edge technology.

The high-quality materials, new design features, effective lighting solutions, architectural graphic elements, and warm wooden tones create an inviting atmosphere. Fresh hues, clarity, openness, and transparency are the highlights of the new interiors of ŠKODA AUTO showrooms.

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